Highlight your User-Generated Content with our New Galleries

Posted by Jillian Londino on Apr 11, 2014 11:37:00 AM

In Platform Features, Planning Campaigns, Moment Marketing, Gallery Functions

More ways to showcase your community's visual content

When you think about displaying visuals - wall art for instance - we so carefully seek out that perfect piece, spending hours in the store and with a leveling tool trying to showcase the optimum look for our space.

Sure, that great, big painting you have hanging above your mantle fits there, but you wouldn’t place that same photo on your nightstand, away from where it would be appreciated most.

The same goes for digital content - not all photos can be appreciated in the same kind of display.

We’ve recently made a few additions and updates to the way Seen allows you to show off your brand and engage customers with a diverse variety of new photo galleries. While all of our galleries are available for use, there might be a particular look that best showcases your brand’s image to a specific audience.


The Mosaic Gallery


This gallery displays a clean, simple pattern of photos with very few elements of text throughout the page, in order to keep focus on the visuals. If desired, photo captions can be seen by simply clicking on individual photos. At the top of the page there are options to link to registration pages or social media accounts, making this gallery an optimal choice for redirecting traffic to supplemental brand pages. For further display usage, this gallery can easily be embedded into a Facebook tab.

The Presentation Gallery


In this gallery mode you can show off a seamlessly looping feed of your selected photos, without any text or external links to distract user’s attention away from your thoughtfully curated photos. This “leave it and watch” set-up works perfectly for a display at events, lectures and presentations, as it is designed to responsively fit any size screen.


The Standard Gallery


Allowing a significantly sized, visual banner to set the tone of the page, this gallery prominently showcases the images and original comments that the specific campaign’s participants have posted. The photos displayed in this gallery appear just as how they would on Instagram with the user’s name above and the original caption displayed below. At the top of the page there are options to link to registration pages or social media accounts, making this gallery an optimal choice for running photo contests and increasing traffic to social media pages.


The Map Gallery


In this gallery mode, you can finally tell where all of the unique photos aggregated from your campaign’s hashtag actually came from. The map gallery displays pinned locations of a campaign’s approved set of images, then displays the individual photos with its number of likes and comments below. This gallery is optimal for those looking to geographically search and analyze where exactly the campaign’s hashtag has made an impact.

But what would your campaign look like in these galleries?

Come see, and be Seen.