5 Holiday Campaign Ideas that Millennials Won’t Hate

No promises that they'll actually work...

This bonkers election season has come to an end just in time for the insufferable Holiday campaigns to appear. Every year major brands summon their inner Frank Capra and create campaigns featuring smiling families gathered around glossy turkeys. It’s always the same.

But for a generation of people who watch American Horror Story and True Detective for fun, this “charm-fest” seems to miss the mark. Want to get young people excited about your holiday campaign? Try some of these ideas… we make zero guarantees that they will work.

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What the Vine Shutdown Means for your Influencer Marketing

Nothing, if you're doing it right.

With the closure of Vine and the recent reports speculating the future of Twitter, many marketers are revisiting the question of what networks they should be prioritizing for their influencer marketing strategy.

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