4 Tips to Pick The Right #hashtag for your Instagram Campaigns

Posted by Alex Ditty on Feb 19, 2014 9:27:00 AM

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The right hashtag can define the success of your Visual Marketing Campaigns

Hashtags can be an effective way to increase the reach of your content and discover the content your fans are sharing. But only when they're used right! Learn how you can select the right hashtag for your marketing promotions!


1. Do the research on tags, but don't be afraid.

It’s imperative to do some basic research to know if a community or campaign has used the tag that you are considering.  However, researching can become paralysis by analysis.  If you see that content has been shared with the tag you should consider a few things.

  • How much content is there?  Even if it’s in the thousands it might not be a big deal.  (see next bullet)

  • How recent is the content that was shared?  Remember, this is a massive constant stream of content, so if there is a block of a week or month since the last post including that tag, it probably isn’t anything to worry about.

  • If there is content, does that content work against your effort?  Double check that a tag isn’t around a theme that may not be in alignment with your brand and effort.  It’s an globally used taxonomy, so some acronyms, etc get used in other countries.

2. Consider the purpose of the tag.

The most important aspect of considering the purpose is to understand the duration in which you want this tag to be used by your customers.  We suggest using a date or year (#CES2014) if the tag is being used for a short duration activity like an event or an event driven campaign.  The date provides an obvious time period for the audience to use and easily stop.  The more difficult situation is campaigns that have a period of time that may be months, but not a year.  The difficulty with these durations is coaching an audience on and off a tag.  The marketing effort behind this will go on past when you choose to engage, so just be mindful of that community in advance so you can properly coach them.  Don’t be afraid to perpetuate a temporary community to a long-term one if it fits and has value.


3. Don’t obsess over your branding.

It can be easy to get caught up wanting to include your brand, product or service name in the tag for your marketing effort.  The reality is that there are only a few number of brands that are able to pull off campaigning toward the specific product or brand name.  The branding is going to happen naturally if it is going to happen at all.  Focus on the community building and how your product or service fits into the problem it solves or delight you provide to a customer.  Mophie’s recent #socketsuckers campaign is a great comic relief to talk of the pain of finding an outlet in an airport (which we have all done).  Nowhere is the Mophie brand mentioned in that tag, but their promotion and engagement puts them at the center of that conversation.


4. Don’t over do it.

Develop a natural cadence and use of both branded and campaign tags.  If you are running frequent marketing efforts, consider using a regular branded tag occasionally and then switching to a tag that is for a promotion for others.  Your customers are smart and pick up on what it takes to get noticed by you.  If there is a constant bombardment of ‘share with this #hashtag’, you will see a stream of different tags infiltrating every campaign and it renders the use of one specific tag pretty useless.  Anchor a couple of tags and build and nurture that community.


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