Predicting Instagram Content Success

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Aug 20, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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Analyzing Instagram content to predict and report success

Today brand marketers are faced with the unenviable task of identifying which content will be successful across dozens of channels. The gut instinct is often right, but when data is available, we can validate that instinct and reach new levels of engagement. Below are several ways to use analytics to develop a framework for predicting the success of a brand’s content on Instagram.


Key Alignments - Finding alignment with your audience to existing Instagram content is a critical first step. This can be achieved  by identifying influential Instagram users or tracking specific hashtags that are resonating with your audience .  Looking beyond branded hashtags is imperative to expand the perspective of your brand’s audience.

Measuring beyond likes and comments - The engagement of likes and comments on Instagram provides basic data points for building part of the story for success.  Using those data points to develop a Relative Engagement metric will create a meaningful measure of the impact of each post.  Not only can you measure posts from one user to another, but you can compare a user’s posts against their own to understand if a certain post had exceptional engagement and determine why.

Understand the context - The context and content of the photo is important to knowing how and why it is successful.  Some of the context to understand includes..

  • Is this a promotional, lifestyle, or landscape post?
  • Was the post satirical?
  • Did the caption use specific tags that could have boosted the reach or engagement? Did the caption mention another user?
  • When was the content posted?

Reporting Success - Brand marketers should continue to measure the success of their content in order to create benchmarks for future campaigns. By measuring against these benchmarks, you can recognize the progress you are making and the impact of your efforts. Tracking the type of content that is the most engaging to your brand’s audience will enable you to predict Instagram content success.

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