Refining Your Ideal Personas for Influencer Marketing

Posted by Jillian Londino on Aug 19, 2014 10:41:00 AM

In Influencer Marketing, Snapfluence

Choosing the influencer traits that speak for your brand, and to your fans. 


People come in all shapes and sizes. The same is true for influencers; posting styles, follower counts, interest categories and so much more varies between social users. It's crucial in the beginning stages of an Instagram influencer campaign for a brand to consider that while some social users may have interests that align with their brand's, they might not visually embody those interests in their typically-shared visual content. 
And in the world of influencer marketing, authentically shared content is everyone's ultimate goal. 
There's places to look for your ideal influencers. But first, their personas must be defined.
When running an influencer campaign with us, this process will be completed by the brand after the key campaign terms are agreed to. However, before dreaming up the ideal collection of photos that will be shared on behalf of a brand campaign, we ask our clients to consider how an influencer visually embodies specific: 
Interest Categories and Subcategories 
Categories such as beauty bloggers, fitness gurus and tech enthusiasts are clearly defined, but can always be further refined with specific subcategories. If you take running for example, there is a significant difference between users who like to share photos of the latest trends in running sneakers and those who post a map graphic of their daily 10 mile run. Either could make a great influencer post, but one just might be more in line with your brand's ideals. And we've learned that the photos you share can tell a lot about who you are.
Posting Styles 
Photo styling exists outside of the big fashion magazines. In fact, it lives in every glimpse of your Instagram newsfeed. Choosing an influencer who posts photos in consistent styles such as professional-grade photography, everyday consumer, black and white, framed or text captioned can act as the perfect extension of a brand's sophisticated advertisements, or even provide content for future marketing efforts. We're already quite fond of the photo styling a few of our influencers like to use. 
Social Presence
If you ask us to choose Instagram or Twitter as our favorite campaign platform, we just can't do it. However, we will recommend one or the other for your specific campaign methodology. If a campaign is focused on tracking clicks to a website or product page, the focus should be recruiting character-savvy, Twitter influencers. But, if it's carefully-curated photos that a brand needs, Instagram will be the ideal medium. Both networks can work in harmony to increase your social media marketing during influencer promotions, as long as this is communicated up-front to the influencers. 
A comprehensive understanding of your desired influencer persona provides marketers like us with the best shot at matchmaking qualified influencers with your brand. To learn more about how to find the right influencers, click above to download our free guide!