SEEN This Week | July 8, 2016

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jul 8, 2016 2:30:00 PM

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SEEN This Week: Instagram & Snapchat’s growth + How brands are using influencers

SEEN_This_Week_In_The_NewsThe social media marketing landscape is ever evolving. Platforms are rolling out new updates and more research is constantly being published, both of which impact your audience development strategies. To keep you informed on these updates and findings, we’re publishing a regular roundup of relevant industry news just for you!

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Instagram’s Evolution As A Business Platform

Instagram has become more than just a network for people to share photos of their brunch. It’s evolved into a platform trusted by businesses to connect with their community. As these businesses get more involved on the platform with increased sharing and ad usage, Instagram itself has needed to respond with the same prioritization. Instagram is doing this now with the recent development of new profile tools and the expansion of their ad platform. As the article states, “The mantra for businesses on these sorts of platforms seems to be: Constantly evolve.” And Instagram seems to be working to keep up with that pace.

We regularly write about each update to the Instagram platform as it affects your business.


Snapchat’s Teen Fans Wince as App Catches On With Their Folks

More and more teens are noticing their parents joining Snapchat. And they aren’t liking it. Teens are often the early adopters to these networks so more adult usage is to be expected. Facebook experienced similar ‘issues’ as they expanded, but I think we can all agree they’re doing ok. Snapchat is in a bit of a unique space, though, with the privacy built in to it’s sharing. It will be interesting to see how teens react to the possibility of their parents viewing their stories.

Like other social networks, Snapchat's ultimate growth will depend on its ability to accommodate both sets of users. Teens aren’t going to abandon Snapchat. You don’t need to bail on your current strategy, but staying ahead of this growth will benefit your future strategies.


Ask an influencer: 'I charge more if the person I'm dealing with is hard to work with'

In Digiday’s ongoing series on influencer marketing, they’ve surfaced a common issue with those new to influencer marketing: compensation. We recommend reading the answers from their poll of select influencers to understand what they’re looking for when joining a program. The common overarching theme with each is that they want to work on campaigns that match their feed authentically and won’t provide too much difficulty in communication or creation.

We’ve certainly seen influencer marketing step out from being just a ‘niche’ marketing tactic to a mainstream standby. As more people enter the industry there are bound to be more questions like this. With a lack of experience in influencer marketing comes a lack of understanding of how much to pay people - just like any creative industry. Influencers are setting prices based on their work with that brand or agency and the authenticity of the fit with them. These things make sense and are still sorting themselves out which is why it’s important to rely on the experience of partners like SEEN.


Andy’s Answers: Nintendo’s tips and tricks on creating an effective influencer program

Andy Sernovitz of SmartBrief gives a nice summary of a presentation at the Brands-Only Summit from the former head of social media and influencer marketing, Katie Cornish, on Nintendo’s influencer marketing strategy. In the presentation, Katie outlines her best practices of identifying and collaborating with influencers. She provides great insight into what worked for Nintendo.

Katie addresses the key points for why influencer marketing is valuable in its ability to reach consumers where they are, with their language, from someone they trust. And more importantly, her steps to activate influencers can be applied to any brand. We recommend you view the full video of her presentation and slides.