SEEN This Week: FTC Enforcement, Social Network Updates & Snapchat Strategies

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 12, 2016 5:00:00 PM

The FTC is taking bigger steps with their enforcement & Toyota is getting innovative with Snapchat

SEEN_This_Week_FTC_Twitter_Instagram_Toyota_Snapchat_StrategyIn the newest installment of what’s become (and will remain) an ongoing story, the FTC is further increasing its enforcement measures on sponsored influencer posts. In other advertising news, Twitter has created a new ad unit, Instagram is supporting their display of Stories with Facebook data and Toyota is leveraging Snapchat in creative ways.

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FTC to Crack Down on Paid Celebrity Posts That Aren’t Clear Ads

Once again there’s more news about the FTC enforcing their regulation of paid social endorsements. They appear to be growing increasingly strict on the rules. The latest round of updates from the FTC provide a little more clarity on how the disclosures should be included. Some marketers were trying to get around the rules by including the necessary #sponsored or #ad tags but were burying them deep in the comments. The FTC made it clear that this isn’t enough, the tags need to be readily visible and available to make the post transparent as an ad.

As influencer marketing grows in popularity, there will be more need for rules and enforcement to corral the marketers who jump on the tactic. Our hope is that as the FTC asks marketers to get more transparent on their disclosure, FTC also gets more transparent in their enforcement.  There are fears that this will hurt the effectiveness of influencer ads or usher in the end of influencer marketing altogether. We’re confident that with appropriate guidance marketers can adapt to the FTC regulations and continue their influencer marketing efforts confidently.

Twitter is moving beyond buy buttons to pursue a new ad format for retailers

Twitter is rolling out a new ad format to further entice brands and retailers to the platform. The new feature, Instant Unlock Cards, enables brands to post exclusive content that can be accessed by their followers once they tweet a brand-specific hashtag. These Instant Unlock Cards give retailers opportunities to engage their community and build loyalty.

This is another move by Twitter to increase its value to brands and retailers. Social media is a large driver of retail traffic, so we anticipate that brands will begin to adopt this feature for exclusive sales or rewarding consumers who interact with them on social. This new feature also seems like a perfect opportunity to engage influencers through exclusive branded content outreach.  

Instagram is using an algorithm and Facebook data to sort its new Stories feed

Instagram is using data from Facebook to determine the order of posts that you see in the Stories feed. Instagram hopes that the supplemental data from the more-established platform will help increase engagement with the new stories feature. This differentiates Instagram stories  from Snapchat Stories which are displayed in chronological order based on recency.

This is a smart example of how cross-platform data from both Facebook and Instagram can improve the platforms’ experiences. For users, the hope is that this will improve the overall experience. For Instagram and its advertisers, the hope is that this will improve their ability to connect with their audience. Some data points are already visible in the ads platform for Instagram and as the two platforms get closer and closer, it will be interesting to see where else the data is “shared” and how it can help with your marketing strategies.

Lollapalooza filters and Live Stories: Inside Toyota’s Snapchat strategy

Toyota is going all in on Snapchat to reach their millennial audience. They first launched on Snapchat back in 2015 and have been building out the channel as an effective place to reach millennials-- their next prospective buyers. They’ve launched some innovative concepts such as Lollapalooza VIP passes and leveraged influencers at key events to connect with their audience.

Toyota is a good role model for your own Snapchat marketing strategy. They’re testing the limits of what you can do on Snapchat while also following the golden rule of social: content is king. Toyota posts genuine and authentic content to Snapchat in an effort to provide real value for their followers on their preferred channel.