SEEN This Week: Innovative Ads & Marketing the Olympics

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jul 29, 2016 8:30:00 PM

Innovative Advertising from brands and social networks + how brands are marketing the Rio Olympics

SEEN_This_WeekThis week we’re seeing innovative advertising techniques from brands like Everlane and social networks like Reddit. With the Olympics around the corner, we’re also getting updates on how brands will be approaching the games in Rio as an opportunity to engage their consumers.


How Everlane is using an 'exclusive' Instagram account to strengthen customer loyalty

Everlane created a new Instagram account to strengthen their customer loyalty. Unlike their main Instagram account, @Everlane, which has 250,000, this new account, @EverlaneStudio only has 6,000 followers. They limit the following of this private account, keeping it exclusive to just 100 new followers per day. The enables them to offer limited releases to these select customers and gauge their responses empowering future release decisions. This helps customers feel like they’re apart of an exclusive club and gives Everlane valuable consumer research.

When it comes to followers on any social channel, the traditional thought is that the more you have the better. But Everlane has flipped that idea on its head and found a creative way to engage their consumers. Instagram is a smart channel interact with your audience and elicit feedback from them. We encourage innovative strategies like this one for your business.


NBC Turns to Digital Influencers to Draw TV-Averse Millennials to Olympics Coverage

NBC is calling on social media influencers to promote the 2016 Summer Olympics. This is part of an overall strategy set to engage millennials who aren’t known to watch traditional cable television. To lure these millennial viewers, NBC is setting out to make this the most social Olympics yet.

Influencers are a smart way to engage a younger audience. And this shows that big brands are understanding the shift from traditional advertising to these more innovative approaches. With their focus of big celebrity influencers, it will be interesting to see how the strategy drives engagement with their targeted audience. Will this effectively promote Rio or will it be ignored as generic promoted posts?


Olympic Committee Says Non-Sponsors Can’t Use Official Olympic Hashtags

In more Olympic news, the International Olympic Committee is putting restrictions in place on the use of the Olympic hashtags for brands that aren’t involved in the game’s sponsorships. The restrictions will mostly be focused on the Olympians who are sponsored by those brands. From a business standpoint, it makes sense that the IOC would want to protect the invest from their sponsors but these restrictions will be difficult to enforce.

Trademarking hashtags has been a growing trend for businesses but it’s still in a gray area with its enforcement. What makes social media so powerful is its openness. These rules certainly get in the way of that. Throughout #Rio2016, we’ll keep an eye on how the tag is being used and how the IOC is responding.


Reddit Intros New Ad Offering, 'Grows Up' and Says It Can Be as Big as Facebook

We often write about user generated content and how marketers can leverage it. What we don’t often write about, though, is Reddit. As a site with over a billion monthly active users, Reddit is not a force to be ignored. Even more so now as they announce that marketers will be allowed to sponsor users’ posts on the site. In an attempt to attract ad dollars, Reddit is setting out to give advertisers an effective and honest way to engage consumers. They hope that this will differ from traditional display advertising by being more personable for their users. Reddit is notoriously difficult ground for advertisers so they understand how delicately they need to approach this.