SEEN This Week: Instagram is a Marketing Machine + Snapchat Customer Service

Posted by Alex Ditty on Aug 19, 2016 5:00:00 PM

Instagram is making more updates to become a marketing machine & Snapchat is getting used for customer service


Instagram adds two new rather significant video features in quiet update

SEEN_This_Week_News_Instagram_SnapchatThere are new developments in the ongoing saga of Instagram updates designed to compete with Snapchat. This week’s quiet update includes two new video features: Instagrammers can now zoom while recording their 3-60 second videos and iOS users get the ability to switch between front and selfie-facing cameras while recording. These are both features previously available on Snapchat, but Instagram’s hope is that the addition will improve overall engagement on the app.

We anticipate some amazing content to be shared from the Instagram community with these new features. SnapChatters are known for creating engaging content by leveraging these features so their inclusion on Instagram - a platform known to have slightly more polished content - should be beneficial!

Instagram is becoming a marketing machine

In more Instagram news, the platform is becoming a marketing machine. Recent updates to both the sharing functionality and business tools have been improving engagement on the platform and making it more valuable to brands. Recently, they rolled out business profiles. These modified profiles give followers more direct access to brands on Instagram through the addition of a contact button. And now with Instagram Insights, brands will be able to better understand who is engaging with their content and what content is resonating with their audience.

With all of these updates, Instagram is making themselves and even more valuable tool for your brand. At the end of the day, the most important part to finding success on Instagram is building a thoughtful content strategy for how and what you’ll be posting. But features like this will make that content even more valuable.

Rent the Runway uses employees and Snapchat to find customers the right fit

Online fashion retailer Rent the Runway is using Snapchat to help their customers find the perfect dresses for special occasions. One major challenge for online clothing retailers is ensuring that clothing will each consumer’s specific body type without the ability to try items on. To solve this challenge, Rent the Runway is providing their customers with personalized consultations via Snapchat -- asking them to send the items they’d like to rent and their size stats directly to the brand. This dialogue will help the Rent The Runway staff determine how items may fit the customer.

Brands have been leveraging Snapchat’s ability to connect with customers in a lot of different ways. This concierge-style approach is a unique one that solves a major hurdle for online clothing retailers while providing an exceptional level of customer service. Rent the Runway’s team is approaching this issue with a smart social-first strategy, catered to their “digital native” customer base. Don’t just think of social as a way to broadcast your brand’s value. Think of how your brand can use social to solve core problems and increase value to your consumer.