SEEN This Week | July 22, 2016

Posted by Alex Ditty on Jul 22, 2016 7:00:00 PM

Featured Tweets, Millennials Looking for Value + Is the Most-Liked Instagram Illegal?

2024.jpegInstagram has identified their most-liked image of all time, shared by Selena Gomez… which may be illegal. Research shows that millennials might not hate advertising and the ever changing world of social media brought even more platform updates this week. Subscribe to the SEEN blog to stay up-to-date on all social media marketing news!

The Problem with Instagram's Most "Liked" Photo: It's Likely Illegal

Selena Gomez recently shared a photo which has become the most liked photo on Instagram. The problem is that the post is probably illegal. The photo shows Selena drinking out of a bottle of Coke that features her lyrics, “You’re the spark,” on its label. But as a promoted post for Coke, this post failed to include the required FTC disclosures.

Last week, we saw the FTC crackdown on big brands for social disclosure issues. It will be interesting to see how a post with this kind of notoriety is handled by each of the stakeholders - Coke, FTC, Instagram, and Selena Gomez. We know that Kim Kardashian isn't above the law, is Selena Gomez?


Millennials don't hate advertising: It's all about the value exchange

As marketers try to engage the ever-coveted millennial demographic, many worry and wonder about the effectiveness of their ads. The fear is that millennials hate ads which, if true, would make them hard to reach. But Dale Lovell from Econsultancy suspects that millennials don’t hate ads, they just crave a value exchange. Whether it’s fun interactive content or relevant knowledge, millennials need a reason to interact with an ad-- it needs to feel worthwhile to them.

The takeaway for savvy marketers is to remember that you’re not just trying to broadcast a message to a faraway captive audience. You need to engage with your community. This reinforces the “content is king” rule. Influencers can help you create meaningful content for your brand and provide that value exchange with your community.


Snapchat is looking at a way to recognize objects in your snaps and serve you related ads

Snapchat has filed a patent for a new ad product which would allow advertisers to create branded filters and lenses based triggered by objects in a user’s snap. If adopted, this patent would enable users to snap a photo of a can of Coke and then immediately be served a Coca Cola branded filter. This would take marketers’ current ability to use geo-filters to a new level.

This is another step from Snapchat to add more value for advertisers while keeping the app fun and playful for its user base. Since this is simply a patent filing and not an imminent product release, there’s no telling if or when this will become available. We’re betting that it will.  


Twitter testing Featured Tweets tab on brand pages

Twitter is testing a new ‘Featured Tweets’ tab for brand pages. This feature will give selected accounts the opportunity to highlight specific tweets on their page without risking them ‘getting lost’ within their feed-- similar to the “pin to top” function on Facebook. The Featured Tweets tab will also show how quickly brands typically respond to users, showing them the most active and engaged accounts-- another update similar to Facebook’s “very responsive” designation.

This is currently being tested on accounts like AT&T and Alaska Air with plans to roll out to additional brands. The Featured Tweets function encourages  brands to put their best content forward while working to improve their customer engagement.