#SFBatKid Captures Hearts + Photos

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Nov 18, 2013 11:43:00 AM

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#SFBatKid Inspired us all on Instagram


On Friday, the Internet came to a screeching halt and turned its hearts and attention toward 5-year-old Miles, a cancer patient who was fulfilling his wish of becoming BatKid for a day. Thousands joined in to turn San Francisco into Gotham City for the day, and millions more followed along #SFBatKid’s adventure online. Photos shared on Twitter and Instagram with the hashtag captured the moments as Miles saved a damsel in distress, put the Joker away, and went to City Hall to get the key to Gotham. We wanted to take a look at all of the photos and follow along BatKid’s journey, so we turned to our platform to see more. Here are some of the insights:

  • More than 21K photos have been shared on Instagram & Twitter with #SFBatKid
  • The photos were shared to over 120.5M followers

You can see all of the #SFBatKid photos on our SFBatKid Gallery

And we weren’t the only ones excited about BatKid. Brands also joined in to cheer on Miles. AMC Theaters & Fender updated their followers of Miles’ journey to be a part of the conversation. Cisco and Adobe even created their own original content to show their support of BatKid! Inspirational moments like these are perfect opportunities for brands to connect with their fans and support a great cause.