Social Humans Podcast Season Two

Posted by Taylor Weese on May 25, 2017 3:30:00 PM

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Conversations with creators

We constantly work to raise the tide of influencer marketing, elevating the conversation from “how to get influencers to sell your fit tea” to a more meaningful dialogue about partnering with content creators to interpret and share your brand’s story.

Through the Snapfluence Community, we’re working to facilitate those conversations and collaborations between marketers and influencers. We aim to inspire and educate the creators and bring their unique perspectives to the forefront.

In that spirit, we’re excited to announce Season 2 of the Social Humans Podcast.

In Season 1, we brought you conversations with influencers ranging from comedians to nature photographers to surrealist photoshop pros. Each of them shared amazing stories about how they developed as a creator and insights for how marketers can collaborate with them. We opened up nominations for who you wanted to hear from in Season 2 and we’re excited about the talented creators behind the mic this season.

We’re kicking it off with conversations from @chocolateforbasil, @oldmansiggy, @numbersixwithcheese, and @carlymask.

chocolateforbasil_instagram_social_humans_podcast.jpg@chocolateforbasil talks about disrupting the old model of culinary influence, while still keeping familiar elements. She’s able to create what’s essentially a cooking show online without TV, but is still choosing to pursue the path of an traditional cookbook on top of that.


oldmansiggy_instagram_social_humans_podcast.jpg@oldmansiggy discusses the value of letting creators stay true to themselves, which allows them tell organic stories that resonate more with their audience.


numbersixwithcheese_youtube_social_humans_podcast.jpg@numbersixwithcheese explores how social media is opening up new pathways for comedic talent to gain exposure. They were involved in Second City in Chicago but have started to gain more traction by focusing on Youtube instead.


carlymask_instagram_social_humans_podcast.jpg@carlymask traces the blurring line between marketer and influencer, as she talks about her personal transition between the two.


We’re excited about these conversations and the lessons these creators have for marketers. Stay tuned for the rest of the season!

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