Social Humans Season One

Posted by Taylor Weese on Apr 13, 2017 2:00:00 PM

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Listen to the complete first season of the podcast brought to you by Snapfluence.

All of the episodes of the first season of Social Humans are now live! We featured stories from a wide range of influencers which can all be heard on SoundCloud.

swopes_social_humans_influencer_marketing.pngElise Swopes

Elise Swopes reflects on the early days of Instagram, her following of over a quarter million fans, and her predictions on the future of the industry.  From drugs to Donald Trump, Chicago’s top social creator holds nothing back.

ed_cooper_photographer_social_humans_influencer_marketing.pngEd Cooper

Ed Cooper details the story of his first trip out west in the 1950’s, his 6 decades of experience in the industry, and how he’s bringing old-school cool to the internet and his 158,000 Instagram followers.

whaleysworld_social_humans_influencer_marketing.pngBrent Whaley

Brent Whaley narrates the story of how he got interested in fashion at a young age, he takes us behind the scenes of his early photo days, and touches on the pressures of building an audience..

smoothsmith8_social_humans_influencer_marketing.pngRoss Smith

Ross Smith is known for his outrageous & hilarious videos, often featuring his grandma, which have gained him widespread internet fame with over a million followers on both Instagram and Snapchat. He shares with us the story of his journey from jock to joker.

pearlsbeforetwine_social_humans_influencer_marketing.jpgSarah Al-Khayyal

Sarah Al-Khayyal debriefs us on walking the fine line between personal and professional branding, all while keeping a healthy perspective on social media.


eatingb00ks_social_humans_influencer_marketing.jpgRebecca Ritchey

Rebecca narrates the story of how she combined her love of reading and eating into a successful business while running from her past life as a banker.


katieanne100_social_humans_influencer_marketing.jpgKatie Anne Rutherford

Katie Anne Rutherford has picked up over 100k followers thanks in part to her superhuman strength and inspirational content.  Katie discusses big questions of self-image, internet trolls, and her journey from corporate life to a self-employed entrepreneur.

violettinder_social_humans_influencer_marketing.jpgNatasha Martin

Natasha shares with us the evolution of her art, her transition into full-time creator, and the vision she sees for the future of content creation.


Each of these stories sheds light on the importance of trust & authenticity with your audience and the work that goes into cultivating that audience. Hearing from the influencers will not only help your relationship building with influencers but also improve your understanding of audience development.


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