Instagram Brand Building Step 4 - Fan Engagement

Posted by Alex Ditty on Dec 12, 2013 11:06:00 AM

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Now that you know where Instagram fits within your marketing strategy, what your brand’s valuable moments are, and how you’ll be participating on Instagram it’s important to understand how you want your community to engage with you. 

The posts you share on Instagram are very important but it’s your advocates who can take your efforts to the next level helping you reach more people in a more authentic way. 

Take the lessons you learned from your brand’s ‘moment assessment’ to understand how you can create opportunities for your fans to share your brand’s story. 

Theses photos and videos that your community shares help you reach a wider audience than just your own. More importantly, the posts have a higher degree of authenticity to their followers since they’re coming from a trusted source. This is a great source of promotion that you should enable by engaging your community. 


One of the easiest ways to encourage your fans to share your story is to give them incentives with contests and promotions. 

Prizes and giveaways from contests give your fans more of a reason to share content promoting your brand with their community. This simple added bonus of participation can provide a great boost to your efforts. 

David’s Bridal leveraged the opportunity of encouraging their community to share content with prizes by giving away four $1,000 weekly prizes to participants who shared photos of items inspiring their wedding. 


If prizes aren't an option, a powerful incentive you can provide your fans is the surprise and delight of simply commenting on the posts they share with you. Build a culture of visual sharing by rewarding the individuals who share photos and encouraging them to continue that behavior. This is one of the most effective ways to connect with your community and create authentic visual promotion. 


Create Moments

The moments that your fans share tell a lot about how they view your brand, and these moments are how people build impressions of your brand. When there’s a specific event or product you want to promote you can create your own moments that you want your fans to share. Encourage your community to share photos of your experience, new product or trade show by creating specific opportunities for them to act on. Many of our favorite partners have used the Seen Campaign Platform to leverage these moments for their own campaigns. 

  • Warrior promoted their new Warrior Rabil line of lacrosse gear by including a promo piece in the box of their lacrosse heads telling fans to snap a pic of it with the tag #WarriorRabil for a chance to win a new lacrosse stick
  • The Indy 500 added “Instagram Spots” around the motor speedway to show fans the best locations to share their #Indy500orbust photos from
  • Visit Austin drove an airstream to music festivals around the midwest encouraging fans to share #ATXairstream photos which showcased Austin’s great music scene
  • Ford activated the attendees of the 2013 SEMA Show by highlighting their fans' #FordSEMA posts on dynamic displays. 

Create these moments for your brand with the Seen Campaigns platform to give your fans the opportunity to show you their passion while promoting your brand to their friends and followers. 

In case you missed them catch up on step 1, step 2 & step 3 and be sure to check back tomorrow for step 5. In the mean time, if you have questions about how your brand can be engage fans on Instagram, contact us and we'll show you how with Seen Campaigns!

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