Stop Guessing about Instagram Engagement

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Feb 9, 2014 5:11:00 PM

In Instagram Insights

Measuring fan engagement goes beyond likes and comments. but most marketing teams lack the ability or time to find meaningful metrics.

Sorting through hundreds and thousands of posts is not scalable, so the team here at Seen has been running experiments to better understand how we bring to the surface the most valuable and actionable data points for marketers. Throughout the next few weeks we will be sharing various types of analysis on Instagram that will help you and your team develop and grow your customer base in this channel.

Relative Engagement - Measures the percentage of measurable actions (likes and comments on Instagram) on a specific post relative to the following of that user at that moment.

Where to consider application of Relative Engagement…

  • Identify key influencers amongst a brand hashtag, campaign, or trending topic

  • Measure your brand’s posts success by topic and category

  • Predict the efficiency of your post and your influencer’s post

  • Spot posts that are critical for engagement

  • Identify the posts that resonate best with your community


Learn more about Relative Engagement and other stats to grow your visual marketing

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