There Are No Small Details in Instagram Influencer Campaign Planning

Posted by Jillian Londino on Aug 12, 2014 9:00:00 AM

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Identifying key campaign terms

We’re lucky enough to partner with some of the most creative minds around to initiate influencer marketing campaigns for their brands. And we've seen their best campaigns unfold when they're guided by a clear flight plan for their visual influencer marketing.

Before an influencer campaign can begin to take shape, brands must identify the key components of this experience, including an overall strategic plan, end goals and desired influencer characteristics. A successful influencer campaign looks different to every brand, so we listen to exactly what outcome they’re looking for. 

For us, this process will begin during our initial conversation with a client and last until everyone involved has agreed to the campaign components.



Some things we ask our clients to consider are:

What is this campaign focused on? For example, a new product launch, brand awareness or event.

Consider the existing strategy surrounding your campaign focus. Are you clearly communicating how the influencers will fit into this effort?

What are the desired outcomes of running this campaign?

Most frequently we run campaigns that strive for brand awareness, existing campaign amplification or grow followers on Instagram.

How long will you be activating this promotion?

Consider what existing campaigns and marketing timelines you currently have planned. Success rates are consistently higher for influencer campaigns that coincide with a planned initiative.

What are the characteristics of your ideal influencer?

Defining your influencers can be as simple as choosing an age range or as detailed as the brand of coffee they drink. Take the time to consider the special traits your ideal brand loyalists would possess. If they’re out there, we’ll find them.
Identifying these key components and more is simple with our Step-By-Step Guide to Instagram Influencer Marketing. Click below to download the guide and learn more! 
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