How to Run Great Instagram Influencer Marketing Campaigns

Follow these steps to grow your Instagram marketing with influencers

Influencer marketing on Instagram is a valuable asset for your social media activations. Implementing influencers into your Instagram marketing strategy will help you reach a new, targeted audience with your promotions. Today's influencers are the tastemakers of the social web, defining the experiences that your consumers are living and deciding the products that they will buy. And most importantly, influencers can share about your brand in a more authentic way that will yield positive results.

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FTC's Social Media Endorsement Guidelines & Your Brand

Are you following the rules with your Instagram contests?

The FTC has recently updated their rules on social media endorsements in a move that may signal stricter enforcement. Though the existing guidelines, which we’ve previously reported on, haven’t changed, this update mainly focuses on increased transparency to make following the rules more clear for brands and influencers. But this increased transparency may also mean an end to the days of simple warnings. This means that now more than ever you need to be aware of these guidelines to ensure your influencer marketing campaigns are within full compliance of the FTC’s rules.

One way to remain compliant within these rules is to partner with a company who has expertise with these guidelines and can guide your
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How to Use Instagram to Promote an Event

An interview with the Social Media Manager at Imagination, Tiffany Sood

Instagram is a valuable asset for your event marketing. The visual network can help with your pre-event promotion as well as connecting with attendees during the event. But this requires a well thought out and executed social media marketing strategy. Instagram’s value before the event is seen in its ability to capture and display the excitement from everyone coming. During the event, it creates the opportunity to engage those individuals — liking and commenting on their posts — while also giving you the ability to show an authentic perspective of what the event is like from the content they’re sharing.

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Instagram Marketing: The New Instagram Explore Page

Instagram has updated the Explore page. Do you know how it affects your Instagram marketing?

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Why Influencer Marketing on Instagram Works

Instagram influencers provide a high ROI for your marketing programs

Influencer marketing is becoming an indispensable aspect of any successful social media marketing program. Now, two studies from both Burst Media and Tomoson have further supported their value. The two separate surveys found that influencer campaigns returned over "$6.50 in earned media value for every $1.00 of paid media". Owned, earned and paid media should be used to compliment and support each other for effective social media marketing. As these surveys indicate, leveraging influencers is a smart way to do this.

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Inside Nike's Instagram Strategy

Instagram tips from one of the top brands

We always aim to provide you with best practices from brands to serve as helpful resources to improve your Instagram marketing. And as one of the top brands (if not the top brand) on Instagram, @Nike is a great account to learn from. Nike has the highest follower count of any brand on Instagram and they’re consistently posting content that performs well above Instagram’s average Relative Engagement rates.

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How your Brand Can Leverage the New Instagram Ad Update

The Instagram ad update will help you target & engage your community

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands to engage their community and promote their products and services. Now, the network has taken a step forward towards improving its ability to drive measurable actions for your brand through its ads products. Ads on Instagram are getting a major update including the ability for brands to add links to their ads to direct specific actions from their audience as well as improved audience targeting. To date, Instagram ads have been very successful seeing a 2.9x higher ad recall than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. With the introduction of the new ad features, those ads are expected to provide even more benefit for your brand. This update is also opening up the ability to advertise on Instagram to any business on their network. So we’ll outline what you can expect with the new ad rollout and how your brand can best leverage this opportunity to engage your fans.

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How to Select the Right Instagram Contest Management Tool

Are you looking for a platform to manage your next Instagram campaign?

Instagram contests are a valuable asset for your overall social media marketing. Managing contests on Instagram enables you to generate authentic user-generated content to promote your brand, engage your community and learn about those individuals. But in order to put these promotional programs together you first need to understand how to effectively manage Instagram contests. Managing contests manually through the Instagram app is difficult and ineffective so your best chances of finding success with the promotion is with an Instagram campaign management tool.

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How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement: What is it, why it matters and how to increase it

On our blog we often talk about Instagram engagement and the brands that are doing great. Now we wanted to go into more detail about what specifically engagement is, why it matters and how your brand can create more engagement with your community.

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