Campaign Snapshot: AT&T

How Instagram Influencers Helped Visualize AT&T’s Expansive Network

In the Summer of 2015, AT&T set out to promote the connectivity of their expansive network to millennial consumers. To do this, they launched the #RoadTripATT campaign which brought the mobile carrier front and center into the travels of their target consumers. The road trip provided an opportunity to help customers visualize the expansiveness of AT&T’s coverage map. AT&T partnered with SEEN to discover and activate Influencers who could create content from all around the US, showing off the far reaches of AT&T’s service network and associating the brand with meaningful and memorable adventures.

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Campaign Snapshot: ZTE | Axon

How ZTE promoted a new phone launch with authentic Instagram Influencers 

Phone manufacturer, ZTE, set out to introduce their new Axon phone to the US market for the first time; however, introducing a new phone against household brands like Apple and Samsung is no small feat. To activate this promotion, ZTE partnered with SEEN to engage Snapfluence influencers. The goal of these influencers was to create anticipation for the Axon launch and build awareness of its groundbreaking features. ZTE's partnership with SEEN helped simplify their management of the campaign while ensuring its success.

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Campaign Snapshot: Bath & Body Works | #bbwsweetheart

How Bath & Body Works used an Instagram contest to engage their fans

Popular retailer, Bath & Body Works, launched the “Bath & Body Works Sweetheart” contest on Instagram to promote their Sweetheart Collection to their socially active audience. The contest revolved around sharing on Instagram as an authentic way to showcase each of the three different “sweetheart” scents. Bath & Body Work’s aim was to use an Instagram contest as a way to incentivize their community to share about the fragrances from their own perspective. To this possible, Bath & Body works used the SEEN Campaign Management Platform to easily interact with the campaign’s participants and display their content on a custom, branded gallery for the contest.

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10 Best Practices for Influencer Marketing on Instagram

Everything you need to know about influencers on Instagram

Influencer marketing on Instagram is a valuable asset for your social media activations. We’ve worked with a wide variety of brands and agencies on different influencer campaigns, which has taught us a lot about the best strategies for running influencer promotions on Instagram. We outline the 10 best practices for influencers on Instagram and provide some real life examples from some of our partners. To learn more, download our guide to planning Instagram influencer campaigns and get started with authentic content creators on Instagram!

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How Higher Education Does Instagram Marketing

The University of South Carolina uses Instagram to engage their students and show off their school spirit

The high school and college-aged members of the Instagram community make the visual network the perfect social media marketing channel for colleges and universities across the country. Because their target audience is so active on Instagram, the University of South Carolina takes advantage of this opportunity to promote their school with authentic user-generated content (UGC) from their prospective and current students as well as their alumni. To facilitate this engagement, the UofSC digital strategy team engages students through the moments that define their collegiate experience and showcases this visual content to show what it means to be a Gamecock.

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Instagram Marketing with User Generated Content

Instagram marketing lessons from the Empire State Building


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How Barnes & Noble Engages Their Customers on Instagram

By creating multiple opportunities for their fans to share, Barnes & Noble builds relationships on Instagram

Instagram has always been a great channel for people to share their interests and the important moments of their lives. And for book lovers, Instagram is the perfect outlet to share your latest book love affair. Barnes & Noble takes advantage of this opportunity by using Instagram as an avenue to drive engagement with their most passionate consumers. They build relationships with these fans by sharing engaging posts that invite their fans to interact with the brand and by running Instagram contests for their fans to share user-generated content.

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Campaign Snapshot: Loot Crate

How Snapfluence Helped Loot Crate Reach Top Nerds of the 'Net

The creative minds behind popular subscription service Loot Crate came to Snapfluence looking to amp up the social conversation surrounding their brand and drive sales with the help of targeted social influencers. Realizing that their most loyal fan base existed among serious gamers and ‘geeky’ YouTube creators, the brand wanted to target social influencers who could speak to a new demographic of followers.

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