How Influencers Think About FTC Disclosures

How do creators feel about Instagram’s new tool?

This past June, Instagram announced that it would be rolling out “Paid Partnership” tags for influencers to include on their branded posts. The intention of this new tool is to assist brands and influencers with their disclosures as well as provide them with some additional tracking capabilities on their influencer programs.

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Influencer Marketing Disclosures Direct from the FTC

Learn the guidelines and enforcement from the FTC

There are plenty of great resources to help simplify the FTC guidelines on influencer marketing disclosures. We’ve written a lot in an effort to simplify the requirements and we’ve speculated on the future of regulation. You may feel like you know everything there is to know about the guidelines and don’t need any new information... but when the FTC speaks, it serves you well to listen.

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4 Ways Brands and Influencers are Still Breaking FTC Rules

The FTC is stepping up enforcement, you should step up your compliance


Here’s why it’s important to follow the FTC rules

We’ve written about the FTC guidelines for influencer marketing many, many times. The deal is this: if you think the rules don’t apply to you, you’re wrong. If you think there are no consequences, you’re also wrong. If you think having deceptive messaging will perform better… guess what? Wrong again.

But still, many brands and influencers are not heeding our warnings and are practicing risky influencer marketing techniques. Check out these 4 ways that brands and influencers are doing disclosure wrong so that you can avoid a visit from the FTC.

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