Influencer Marketing Disclosures Direct from the FTC

Learn the guidelines and enforcement from the FTC

There are plenty of great resources to help simplify the FTC guidelines on influencer marketing disclosures. We’ve written a lot in an effort to simplify the requirements and we’ve speculated on the future of regulation. You may feel like you know everything there is to know about the guidelines and don’t need any new information... but when the FTC speaks, it serves you well to listen.

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4 Ways Brands and Influencers are Still Breaking FTC Rules

The FTC is stepping up enforcement, you should step up your compliance


Here’s why it’s important to follow the FTC rules

We’ve written about the FTC guidelines for influencer marketing many, many times. The deal is this: if you think the rules don’t apply to you, you’re wrong. If you think there are no consequences, you’re also wrong. If you think having deceptive messaging will perform better… guess what? Wrong again.

But still, many brands and influencers are not heeding our warnings and are practicing risky influencer marketing techniques. Check out these 4 ways that brands and influencers are doing disclosure wrong so that you can avoid a visit from the FTC.

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FTC Laying Down the Law on Influencers

Marketers are on the hook for influencer content

The FTC’s influencer marketing policies are back in the news.

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Legal Questions from the Influencers

We want to answer your questions on the FTC Guidelines

Together with our sister-site, Snapfluence, we constantly work to elevate influencer marketing from both the brand and influencer perspectives. One important piece of that is helping you understand the influencers and helping the influencers understand the brands.

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Do you Know These FTC Marketing Rules Yet?


Many marketers still aren’t aware of the rules. Don’t be one of them

Even after all that we’ve written about the FTC and influencer marketing, there are still brands and influencers who just aren’t doing it right.

Some simply aren’t aware of the rules or the consequences. Others think they’re above the law, under the radar, or too cool for school and are convinced they won’t get caught. Unfortunately, both groups are in danger.

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Still Confused by the FTC Influencer Marketing Rules?

You’re not alone. Here’s everything you need to know.

There’s been a lot written lately about the Federal Trade Commission’s guidelines on influencer marketing and the government agency’s enforcement on brands and influencers. But even with all of this reporting, there is still a lot of confusion in the industry amongst both brands and influencers alike.

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