Legal Questions from the Influencers

We want to answer your questions on the FTC Guidelines

Together with our sister-site, Snapfluence, we constantly work to elevate influencer marketing from both the brand and influencer perspectives. One important piece of that is helping you understand the influencers and helping the influencers understand the brands.

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The Good, The Bad & The Ugly of Influencer Marketing Management

There’s got to be a better way to manage influencer campaigns

You probably saw an email from us recently. We wanted to review your influencer marketing spreadsheets. Well, the response was overwhelming. Seeing the different ways that marketers are tracking the many complexities of an influencer marketing campaign was eye-opening for our team. We feel you. We’ve been managing campaigns of all sizes for years. We know those spreadsheets well… Those big, horrible, multi-page, sprawling, brain-twisting, migraine-inducing spreadsheets.

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Placement and Personal Recommendation

Why Influencer Marketing Works

In the simplest terms, influencer marketing is a scalable hybrid between word of mouth marketing and product placement.

Allow us to elaborate...

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