4 Ways Brands and Influencers are Still Breaking FTC Rules

The FTC is stepping up enforcement, you should step up your compliance


Here’s why it’s important to follow the FTC rules

We’ve written about the FTC guidelines for influencer marketing many, many times. The deal is this: if you think the rules don’t apply to you, you’re wrong. If you think there are no consequences, you’re also wrong. If you think having deceptive messaging will perform better… guess what? Wrong again.

But still, many brands and influencers are not heeding our warnings and are practicing risky influencer marketing techniques. Check out these 4 ways that brands and influencers are doing disclosure wrong so that you can avoid a visit from the FTC.

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Social Influencers: Coming Soon to a Media Company Near You

Opinion: The most successful influencers are their own media channels

This article was originally published on Adweek.

With the advent of social media has come the democratization of media. Any individual can post a filtered image or looped video for free, which means that the cost of content creation has effectively been reduced to zero. The means of content consumption have also been placed in our pockets, so anyone has the ability to build a global audience.

Enter: the influencer.

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5 YouTube Marketing Lessons from Top Influencers

Learn how these funny food reviewers build audience with video

Corey and Sean first met at improv class in The Second City's Conservatory Program in Chicago. The duo began making their videos together shortly after. Applying their natural comedy and fresh takes on the familiar fast food spots we all know and (occasionally) love, Corey and Sean have built an audience on YouTube of over 8,000 subscribers and have had their videos watched over 1.1m times. We interviewed them for another installment of Social Humans to get a better perspective of how they grew their audience and the lessons you can learn from them.

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Top 5 Influencer Complaints About Marketers

Learn how to solve these common collaboration issues

Influencer marketing works when you, the marketer, and the influencer are on the same page creating amazing content for the targeted community. But unfortunately, sometimes there are some roadblocks that interfere with that symbiosis.

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How Influencers are Reshaping Media

A story from Jerrelle of Chocolate for Basil Blog

In the Social Humans podcast, we interview a wide range of influencers. Ranging in audience size, style, and experience. Each of these episodes brings different and relevant insights to help improve your influencer marketing strategies. They’re giving expert tips to help you build relationships with influencers and tips on how they’re building audiences themselves. Along with actionable tips, they also provide higher level insights into the industry help you stay ahead of the tides of influencer marketing.  

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Why Influencer Marketplaces Don’t Work

The critical flaw in one-size-fits-all influencer marketing

As influencer marketing continues to grow in popularity, marketers are searching for solutions to make it work for them. The goal is to make their influencer marketing plans effective at reaching new audiences while keeping them efficient enough for internal execution. Unfortunately, marketers trying to strike that balance sometimes end up taking shortcuts.  One of the biggest hurdles that marketers look for quick help with is influencer identification, which often leads to “influencer marketplaces.” These are platforms where brands and influencers bid on campaigns to collaborate together.

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How Influencers Grow Their Following

Lessons from @oldmansiggy

It’s pretty safe to assume that when you think of nature photographers, you imagine intrepid explorers snapping photos in Yosemite, Australia, and the Antarctic. Something tells us that Toledo, Ohio doesn’t really pop to mind in that list.

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Instagram Stories or Snapchat Stories?

It’s not about which is right for you, it’s about which is right for your audience.

Depending on which outlets you read, you probably have differing opinions on how the two temporary story apps are performing compared to each other. There’s no question that they are similar. Snapchat product managers have even called out Instagram product managers for ripping off the platform. But similarities aside, which one is better for your influencer marketing strategy?

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How Much Should I Pay Influencers?

Managing influencer compensation for your next campaign

Determining influencer compensation can be tricky for even the savviest influencer marketing experts. The discovery process, finding the right influencers for your campaign, is hard enough. But once you’ve identified a good fit, you need to figure out how much to pay them. Some marketers will look for a quick-hit solution to influencer discovery by leaning on influencer marketplaces where the influencers are fast to find and seemingly very affordable. However, this tactic can deliver a serious hit to the authenticity of your promotion.

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