Do you know what your community is doing on Instagram?

How running Instagram contests can help you learn about your social media community

Instagram contests are a valuable vehicle for authentic social promotion. And with Instagram analytics tools like SEEN Insights, these contests can also become a learning opportunity for future marketing initiatives. To do this effectively, we’ll cover the reports you need to use in order to make this learning possible; but first we want to cover why this is such a valuable opportunity for your business.

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How your Brand Can Leverage the New Instagram Ad Update

The Instagram ad update will help you target & engage your community

Instagram is a powerful tool for brands to engage their community and promote their products and services. Now, the network has taken a step forward towards improving its ability to drive measurable actions for your brand through its ads products. Ads on Instagram are getting a major update including the ability for brands to add links to their ads to direct specific actions from their audience as well as improved audience targeting. To date, Instagram ads have been very successful seeing a 2.9x higher ad recall than Nielsen’s norms for online advertising. With the introduction of the new ad features, those ads are expected to provide even more benefit for your brand. This update is also opening up the ability to advertise on Instagram to any business on their network. So we’ll outline what you can expect with the new ad rollout and how your brand can best leverage this opportunity to engage your fans.

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How to Increase Instagram Engagement

Instagram engagement: What is it, why it matters and how to increase it

On our blog we often talk about Instagram engagement and the brands that are doing great. Now we wanted to go into more detail about what specifically engagement is, why it matters and how your brand can create more engagement with your community.

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Instagram Contest Reports to Measure Success

All of your questions on Instagram campaign analysis are answered here!

To understand the success of your Instagram campaigns you need to know what metrics matter and how to measure each of them. Instagram campaign analysis mainly serves two purposes. The first is auditing what happened to ensure that what you planned for your campaign did in fact happen. The second is to learn from your Instagram campaign to learn what worked and what improvements you can make in the future. To help with the important metrics and how to measure them, we’re answering all the top Instagram campaign reporting questions with help from the SEEN Insights platform

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Owned, Earned & Paid Media and Social Media Marketing

Do you know how Owned, Earned & Paid Media impact your social media marketing?

To be a successful social media marketer you need to understand the different forms of media that go into smart social strategies and how to best leverage each. The three different types; owned, earned and paid media, all need to be taken into account with your overall social media marketing plans and should be approached in a way that reflects each of their own unique advantages. Here you’ll learn the details of what each of these different forms of media are and how you should leverage them in your social media marketing.

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3 Steps for Measuring Instagram Contest Success

Do you know if your Instagram contests were a success or not? 

Contests are powerful and smart ways to connect with your community. Understanding what Instagram metrics to track will help you tell the story of the contest’s success to your team. To be able to do this effectively you need to know what you’re hoping to achieve, how to track against those goals and the best way to interpret the results for future success. We outline some tips for you here and to learn more subscribe to our blog and stay on top of Instagram marketing best practices!

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9 Instagram Marketing Tips From The Best Brands

Follow these best practices for successful Instagram marketing

Are you trying to use Instagram for your social media marketing? Are you finding it difficult to grow the channel to promote your brand? You’re not alone. Finding success with Instagram marketing is an excited process but it can feel like an uphill battle. To help you conquer your Instagram marketing goals we’ve outlined the habits of the best Instagram marketers that your should be following too.

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Not Finding Success with Instagram Marketing? Here's Why.

Here are the reasons you may not be finding success with your Instagram Marketing yet. 

Successful social media marketing on Instagram doesn’t have to be difficult. Whether you’re a social media marketing agency, a major brand or even a
one-man marketing team trying to promote your app with Instagram, it’s possible for everyone to find success with visual marketing. But that doesn’t mean it doesn’t take work. There are plenty of resources on how to grow your following on Instagram or how to increase your engagement, but if you’re finding yourself in a position where you still can’t take that next step you shouldn’t feel bad. We’ve laid out some of the top reasons why some people might be struggling with their Instagram marketing and provide tips on how to overcome them. Follow these and you’ll be on your way to the visual marketing promise land!

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3 Ways to Rock Instagram Campaigns in 2015

New Year, New You Social Strategy. 

While you've been busy with the projects and parties of 2014, we've been working on a few ways to find you social success with Instagram Campaigns in the New Year. Working a few of our suggestions into your campaign planning, execution and analysis is a sure way to start 2015 on pace with top, social brands, and set a New Year's resolution (that's acutally attainable) for your entire team!

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