Can You Find The Most Engaging Instagram Content?

The pIQ score makes it easy to see which Instagram posts are resonating with your community.

With hundreds and thousands of shares happening on Instagram every day it can be impossible to spot who is posting the most influential and engaging user-generated content.  

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How to Apply Instagram Data to your Social Media Marketing

Instagram data can be valuable for your marketing, if you know how to apply it

Resorts provide plenty of moments to share amazing photos and videos. These posts are great for authentic user-generated content promoting the resort’s experience but by applying Instagram analysis tactics these posts also provide opportunities to learn some unexpected insights.

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Important Metrics to Track For Your Next Instagram Campaign

Translate the success of your Instagram marketing initiatives to your team 

When running an Instagram campaign it’s important to measure the relevant stats of your initiative to relay its value to your team. We often hear campaign managers wanting to know how many photos their campaign generated when in fact there are more important and valuable metrics for you to accurately measure the performance of your campaign.

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Predicting Instagram Content Success

Analyzing Instagram content to predict and report success

Today brand marketers are faced with the unenviable task of identifying which content will be successful across dozens of channels. The gut instinct is often right, but when data is available, we can validate that instinct and reach new levels of engagement. Below are several ways to use analytics to develop a framework for predicting the success of a brand’s content on Instagram.

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4 Instagram Marketing Concepts That Will Get You Promoted

Following these practices will help you grow your Instagram audience

If you're struggling to move the conversation from..."We should be on Instagram" the more meaty conversation..."With an Instagram Audience Development plan we can....", we're here to help.  There are some first concepts to be able to bring to the conversation that will help elevate your team to the level of thinking to move the brand needle. 


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Using Instagram Analytics To Learn Who Your Customers Are

The photos your customers share on Instagram can tell you a lot. 

Customer Challenge:  Understand the millennial female consumer and the Reynolds brand associations.  The Reynolds team was using traditional consumer research methods like focus groups and surveys, but was unable to generate any customer insights to help create more effective marketing and product development.


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