Making an Impression not Impressions

Building trust with your audience

What do you remember about the last piece of advertising you saw? Do you even remember it? Do you know how many millions of impressions it earned? Most advertising doesn’t inform, let alone impress, anyone. Maybe we should rethink the language we use when we talk about advertising and consider using ‘exposure’ as a metric instead of impressions. To ‘impress’ is memorable, it’s weighty, it implies that there is an impact made on the viewer. Exposure is probably more realistic for most media these days.

It feels as though marketers have placed a priority on the safest bet. Lately, I have heard statements like: “We had amazing content and engagement that served our goals with your team, but these guys can measure impressions per image, so….” I can empathize with safe marketing logic like that. Not many marketers have lost their jobs pursuing the safe bet. On the contrary, not many marketers have driven real impact without having conviction, creativity, and instinct. But prioritizing the impressiveness of marketing content is not mutually exclusive with the need to measure impact.

My thesis is that the root cause of these decisions comes down to trust. Marketers who go with the safe bet don’t trust the vendor partner, the strategy, the creative content, the influencers themselves, or some other part of the system. Everyone is looking for the guaranteed win. Chris Farley taught us a great lesson on marketing in Tommy Boy when he was trying to sell Callahan brake pads to a distributor who wanted “a guarantee on the box”:

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5 Holiday Campaign Ideas that Millennials Won’t Hate

No promises that they'll actually work...

This bonkers election season has come to an end just in time for the insufferable Holiday campaigns to appear. Every year major brands summon their inner Frank Capra and create campaigns featuring smiling families gathered around glossy turkeys. It’s always the same.

But for a generation of people who watch American Horror Story and True Detective for fun, this “charm-fest” seems to miss the mark. Want to get young people excited about your holiday campaign? Try some of these ideas… we make zero guarantees that they will work.

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People On All Sides of The Table

The Future of Influencer Marketing

As the marketing world has become more complex and daunting, we have developed an insatiable desire to have ‘plug and play’ tactics. The graveyard of automated influencer marketing tactics and products is large and growing. Why are these automated influencer marketing solutions failing to produce meaningful content but still continually drawing money and attention from marketers?

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10 American Olympians to Follow

These micro-influencers are giving an insiders view to Rio 2016

With the Rio Olympics underway, there are a lot of big names such as Michael Phelps, Kevin Durant and Gabby Douglas taking center stage. These are the marquee names that grab all of the attention from media and sponsors, but they aren't the only ones capturing storylines from the audience. There are dozens of other athletes and fans that are sharing amazing content from Rio on their social channels. We've taken a closer look at the impact that these Olympics micro-influencers are having on the games and the unique voices that they're lending to the Olympics conversation this year.

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What’s the story with Instagram Stories?

If your first thought is “Isn’t this exactly like Snapchat’s story?” Well, then you’re right.  It is.

Instagram has made no effort to hide the copycat factor as they rolled out their stories function yesterday evening. They’re promoting the new feature with a sleek and vibrant 60 second, high-energy video.  Instagram’s CEO Kevin Systrom was quoted as saying “They (Snapchat) deserve all the credit…This is about a format, and how you take it to a network and put your own spin on it.”  Even if you don’t love Instagram’s copying, you certainly have to respect the honesty.

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