Do You Know These Fashionable Instagram Influencers?

Snapfluence users with style & the influence to show it off

The world may be abuzz this week with all that’s happening at New York Fashion Week, but here at Team Snapfluence, we’re more excited about the fashion power houses right here in our Instagram influencer community. Whether they’re creating their own designs or styling the finest thrift store finds, these users never fail to bring a special something to our feed. Countless Snapfluence members depict such unique, personal style on their accounts, but here’s a few that really caught our eye.

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For us, one of the most exciting parts of creating our own visual influencer network is getting to comb through all of the unique users and wildly creative accounts that sign up for our community every day. Usually it's visual elements such as a carefully-curated photo style or strong follower engagement that sends an Instagram influencer to the top of our list, but every once in a while an unexpected characteristic catches our eye. 

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