Vlogxit: The Influencer Exit

What Casey Neistat's exit means for the influencer community

The announcement of CNN’s $25 million-dollar acquisition of YouTuber Casey Neistat’s video app “Beme” probably leaves you with a whole slew of head-scratching questions.  Who is Casey Neistat? What is Beme? How is it possibly worth $25 million to a major news network?  Is there going to be a trend in the influencer industry of multi-million dollar exits?

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Building Trust with your Clients: Influencer Campaign Development

How to build trust with your clients during the development of your influencer campaign

This post is the first in a series of posts educating our agency partners on how to establish and cultivate the trust with their clients that is necessary for a successful influencer marketing campaign. As a relatively new tactic for most marketers, it can be difficult to take the leap of faith into influencer marketing. But you can feel a lot more confident taking the leap when you and your client have fostered a strong relationship founded on trust and transparency. From campaign development, campaign planning, management and post-campaign reporting, we’ll walk through each of the steps of a successful influencer program and detail how to best approach the client relationship to give them confidence in your execution and the program’s deliverables. We recommend that you subscribe to our blog to stay up-to-date on each of these steps!

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Recognizing Good Influencer Marketing

And How to Make it.

With influencer marketing growing in popularity there are a lot of brands and agencies implementing the strategy. With so many new entrants into the creator world, there is an unfortunate amount of poorly executed content that’s diluted the appearance of the amazing content from top brands.

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Best Practices for Brands & Influencers

Educating influencers on the best practices for your campaigns

On our blog, we work to consistently educate our partners of the best practices for audience development and engagement. We provide these tips to help you execute on successful influencer marketing programs for your brand.

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We're Getting it Right

How we're fixing influencer marketing

Over the past 5 years, we’ve been diligently working with some of the top brands on amazing influencer marketing programs. We’ve enjoyed connecting brands like Hilton, Reebok and Campbell’s with content creators who can authentically relate the brand stories to their community. But over this time, we’ve seen a few unfortunate trends develop in the industry.

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Viva La Micro-Influencer

Why Micro-Influencers may be the Authentic Match you're looking for

A common first thought among marketers is to recruit social influencers with large followings to broadcast a branded message out to as many eyes as possible. Throw out a large net and hope that something sticks. But savvy brands know that reach is not the most important metric for an influencer campaign. They know that it is more important to focus on matching influencers’ content and lifestyle to the brand values and the campaign goals. The right person and the biggest person are not always the same person. Many brands are finding success working with micro-influencers-- people with a smaller following who create top quality content and have a genuine lifestyle connection with the brand. These micro-influencers are helping their programs by providing better engagement and stronger recommendations than their celebrity counterparts and by providing an opportunity for a more authentic match to the brand’s program. Here are some reasons to consider engaging micro-influencers for your future campaign:

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Fix These Common Influencer Marketing Mistakes

Don't make influencer marketing harder than it needs to be.

It seems like every brand is jumping on the influencer marketing bandwagon to take advantage of this new opportunity to connect with their fans. Of course, we're thrilled about this adoption, but we have noticed some unfortunate trends emerging from marketers who aren’t doing it quite right. We’re here to help. Read through these common influencer marketing mistakes and learn how to avoid them. Because, when it’s executed correctly, influencer marketing can be a great way to connect with your audience on a deeper level.

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Treating Influencers as Partners Brings Value to Your Brand

Build Relationships With Influencers To Build Trust With Audiences

When brands and agencies plan influencer marketing programs, their first thought is often “how can we get users with tons of followers to share about our products?” Unfortunately, approaching influencer marketing from this perspective-- with a media-buying mindset--  is what leads to the spammy posts that you’ve seen skewered lately. The reach is everything mindset is similar to buying followers. It doesn’t lead to authentic engagement nor organic audience growth. Successful influencer marketing comes from approaching creators as partners and working to build meaningful relationships with them. When properly fostered, a creator-brand relationship can help audiences form an emotional bond with your brand, which is a step beyond awareness and a step towards trust. But respect for and trust in your brand can only happen when you give due respect to content creators. The magic happens when you approach them with enthusiasm and enable them to tell your brand story from their perspective.  

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Influencers Can Breathe New Life Into Legacy Brands

Running influencer campaigns to modernize the perception of your brand.

While instant worldwide name recognition is nothing to scoff at, sometimes legacy brands find themselves pigeonholed into a single category or exclusively defined by the original products that brought them success. This can be a tough bind for companies trying to revitalize brands that seem ancient in the ever-changing world of social media, online shopping and the tides of changing taste. Some brands have found that influencer marketing can be an effective strategy to help change millennial perception of their products and inspire new consumption. Here are some ways that The Campbell’s Soup Company brands have used influencers to breathe new life into legacy brands through social media.
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