10 Best Practices for Tourism Marketing with Instagram

Follow these tips from top Destination Marketing Organizations to grow your Instagram marketing.

Instagram provides great opportunities for people to share the things they love and a snapshot of their daily activities. This makes it the perfect match for Destination Marketing Organizations who are trying to showcase authentic perspectives of the destinations they represent. There are many great examples of DMOs who have found success by adding Instagram to their social media marketing promotions. We’ve shown you the ten best practices that you should follow for your next Instagram campaign, and now we outline tips which are designed for those of you who are specifically trying to use Instagram for your tourism marketing.

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Campaign Snapshot: Destination El Paso | #ItsAllGoodEP

Destination El Paso grows their tourism marketing with Instagram

Client Objective: The Destination El Paso tourism marketing team recognized that user-generated content is the one of the most powerful forms of visual marketing and wanted to take advantage of this opportunity to highlight the Sun City’s “it’s all good” state of mind in an authentic way. To achieve this, Destination El Paso launched the #itsallgoodep campaign encouraging their community to share visual content on Instagram and Twitter showing how they enjoy El Paso. The goal of this contest was to increase registrations for their digital ambassador program while growing the movement around this hashtag.

In Planning Campaigns, Campaign Best Practices, Case Studies, Tourism Marketing