Using Visual Content to Drive Marketing Insights

Posted by Brian Zuercher on May 27, 2014 9:00:00 AM

In Planning Campaigns, Campaign Best Practices, Instagram Insights, Moment Marketing

Make this not, “just another marketing campaign”

Have a real learning hypothesis going into the design of the campaign. The visual moments shared by consumers are telling an authentic story of their experience and passion for your brand or service, but the photo is only part of the story. Consumer generated media is rich with data that provides insights to help make better marketing, product development and merchandising decisions. Integrating the concept of learning from visual marketing will not only provide great insights, but is a great way to bring together other areas of the organization to be a part of the marketing effort.

The data behind a photo, including geo-location data, time references, secondary hashtag data and more, will reveal details about where a customer found value and affinity for the product and services.

Some common questions to ask:

  • Was the customer in discovery, purchase, post purchase stage?
  • Did they mention other products in association with ours?
  • Was the messaging in the caption in alignment with our marketing messaging?
  • Were there subgroups that are identifiable based on geography, affinity or otherwise?
  • Is that how we thought they used our product?

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