We Got it Wrong

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jul 21, 2016 7:00:00 PM

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SEEN's renewed purpose

Do you ever look around and wonder how you got here?

SEEN_influencer_marketing_new_dayThe daily tasks and initiatives involved in running a company lead to a general momentum that can carry your organization off in a direction, whether or not it’s the direction you had mapped. Habits are hard to change, especially when whole teams have adopted them. It is incredibly challenging to explore and uncover the purpose of an organization that already has a history behind it. But it’s worth it.

Five years in, we finally caught our breath and realized that we were talking one way and operating another. For the majority of our existence, we have focused on driving our company and client relationships through innovative products and exceptional service. This focus helped us grow and serve our clients needs, but over time it started to feel ‘transactional’. You see, we have four major stakeholders: Clients, Expressionists (we’ll explain), SEEN team members and investors. We could feel that our other stakeholders, specifically the expressionists, were being neglected in our daily operating model.

So we started to peel back the onion to discover the needs of all of our stakeholders... not just client needs. Here is what we discovered.


Expressionism is bigger than influence.

There is plenty of research to back up the reality of influence. People we idolize can affect our purchasing decisions through their recommendations. The challenge for marketers is understanding the process that gets you to that influential moment. It’s more than just a big name with a large following posting a selfie with a product. We believe that by having a deep understanding of an expressionist’s interests, capabilities and audience we can help brands develop a relationship and experience that creates authentic storytelling. We call them expressionists because they’re more than the platform on which they create and they’re not just hired hands— expressionists instill their work with meaning and intention. This elevates the old notion of product placement to another level. The end result is not just a photo of a product, but an exposition of the meaning behind a brand.

It’s about building relationships.

Influence is based on trust and a strong relationship is necessary for that exchange to happen correctly. The same is true for each piece of this equation. We’re working to create and maintain strong connections... with each other, with our clients and for our clients. We want to build something with you — beyond the campaign, beyond the transaction. We want to help you build a community.  We have realized that we’re matchmakers. We hand pick expressionists who embody the values that meaningful brands have taken the time and care to build. We identify the ideal expressionists —wherever they exist— and empower them to interpret each brand’s message.  


Focus on content not platform.

We’re constantly asked, “do you guys work with (insert next hot social channel here)”. Officially, and for the record: YES.

We work wherever expressionists are creating things. We focus on authentic brand match and meaningful content creation, regardless of channel. The best expressionists publish their content on whatever channel their audiences like best-- so naturally that’s where marketers want to be too-- where the people are.

We’re excited to be sharing our purpose with you and our vision for the future. The next few months have several milestones upcoming including a major product release for our marketing clients and a new and exciting update to Snapfluence.com for the expressionists community.

Stay tuned.

Come see, and be Seen.