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Posted by Brian Zuercher on Sep 7, 2016 6:00:00 PM

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How we're fixing influencer marketing

Snapfluence_website.pngOver the past 5 years, we’ve been diligently working with some of the top brands on amazing influencer marketing programs. We’ve enjoyed connecting brands like Hilton, Reebok and Campbell’s with content creators who can authentically relate the brand stories to their community. But over this time, we’ve seen a few unfortunate trends develop in the industry.

Too often, we see programs where brands and influencers just aren’t collaborating properly. Some brands are approaching influencer marketing campaigns with the wrong intentions (direct sales, for example). Some big Instagrammers are auctioning their audience off to the highest bidder to promote anything. And we’ve seen agents of these influencers forcing exclusivity deals on them which limits the work they can do and creates an inflated market of influencer rates. These faux pas lead to ineffective, spammy posts and a generally unpalatable environment for smart marketers.  

We’re on a mission to fix these problems.

We want to promote and enable authenticity in influencer marketing. When done right, this form of marketing can get your brand’s story in front of the right audience.The most successful programs are ones where brands collaborate with authentically matched creators who are investing in their craft. So how do we create more of those relationships?

That’s what we’re solving with the announcement of SEEN Creators and the re-imagined Snapfluence. With these new tools, we’re working to enable and empower brands and influencers to work together to create amazing campaigns.

SEEN Creators is a tool for marketers that enables them to quickly discover and connect with the content creators who fit their brand values.

Though this tool is efficient, it should not be confused with a "network" or "marketplace." This is not an attempt to automate or commoditize the process of matching brands and creators. Authentic brand matches are too human for that. And unlike influencer search tools that simply show you a list of users with a high following in a certain niche, our directory is highly curated. Meaning that we have humans who validate each account and make sure that it is up to snuff. 

So what’s the catch? Well, in just the same way we are screening our platform to ensure that we have high-quality content creators with meaningful categorizations to offer you... we will also be curating the user base. We’re looking for meaningful brands to partner with us on improving the industry as a whole. We’ll be reviewing each application to ensure that the brand has the right intentions to work with these creators and appropriate strategies to execute on the program. There will be additional services offered through the Creators tool and there will always be the option for SEEN to fully manage your campaign.

We recognize that there are many stakeholders involved in a successful influencer marketing campaign-- brands, agencies, creators and the viewing public. It would be disingenuous and unwise for us to only invest on the brand side of that table. Which is why we’re also working to serve and empower the creators who make these programs a reality.

We’ve re-launched Snapfluence as a destination for the creative community. The mission is simple: we want to inspire, inform and enable the creative community to live out their creative passion. Snapfluence provides creators a community to connect with each other and also provides education, resources, and best practices to help them develop their craft. Snapfluence is not a network. We’re not asking for the creators to sign up or grant us any exclusivity. Actually, we’re not asking them for anything but their attention and their input.

Snapfluence is our earnest investment in the creative community. As we inspire and educate them, we hope that we are creating a more hospitable climate for influencer marketing. We believe that this will lead to higher quality advertising overall.

We know that influencer marketing can be great. We’ve seen it firsthand. With these new tools, we hope to help you create and execute great campaigns.

We look forward to entering the future of influencer marketing with you and would love to hear your thoughts and answer your questions. Let’s get in touch.