4 Essentials for Instagram Influencer Management

Posted by Brian Zuercher on Jun 17, 2014 3:53:00 PM

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How are you managing your influencers on Instagram?

Tracking and managing influencers can be like herding cats.  We hear stories of massive spreadsheets, hours of link hunting and painful web searches.  There are many things to consider when managing these influencers and the challenges are even greater when it comes to networks like Instagram where influencer fatigue can play a major part in the effectiveness of their posts.  



Take Inventory - Knowing the inventory of your influencer lineup is essential to understanding when and how to activate the influencers.  The reach is constantly evolving and an individual's positioning in the network grows and contracts depending on how active and engaged they are.  Keeping a constant beat on this helps to know what the network is worth and whether more recruitment is necessary or not.

Engagement measurement - We encourage networks to take a good look at engagement stats on a frequent basis.  Utilizing a measurement like Relative Engagement, as we do with our influencers, enables you to understand if an influencer is continuing to build engagement or is falling down.  Knowing if your influencers are beating the average Instagram user is a great measurement of how effective their post will be.

Message Coaching - Most Instagram influencers are sensitive to having posts that are really tightly associated with being an ad.  Providing the influencer with context to the goals and theme of the campaign and outlining messaging options helps them keep their natural voice, but also get the brand message across effectively.  Think about looking at an Instagram post and say to yourself, "does that sound encouraging or spammy?".

Post Fatigue - While you want to have your influencers frequently creating buzz for your brand you also need to be conscience of the fatigue their audience may have with the posts.  Monitoring the engagement and keeping a close audit of all the posts will help keep a tight schedule and effectiveness of your influencer posts.

We help major brands build, manage and track their Instagram and other visual influencers.  Talk to one of our team members to learn more about how we can help.

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